Wow, I have a blog…..

I never ever ever ever ever thought I was do this…start a blog that is. Why? It makes sense really, as a passionate foodie studying Nutrition, and with the emergence of a serious ‘health food movement’ in Australia and across the globe, it sorta’ makes sense that I might add my two cents. The reason I have resisted is because I myself follow SO many blogs, each with their own slant and all almost written by incredibly smart, progressive thinking women. Who am I to add to the pot of online nutrition blogs?

So why? Well, because I want to. Because I think my approach to food is actually a little different to others. Because I want to share these thoughts I have. I want to be able to highlight current research around trending health topics and dispel some of the myths out there in ‘health blog’ land.

As a non meat eater (pescetarian, pescevegetarian, picky….call it what you will), I obviously read alot about meat production and the role that animal products play in our diet, and in the health of our planet. The aim of this blog isn’t to rant on about this though, my feeling is that people will make their own choices and we are all different in terms of what our bodies yearn for. What I am interested in the evolution of our diet, for example why are food allergies and intolerances on the increase? What does the current legislation in Australia state about hormone use in food production? Why are we all so excited about goji berries, maca powder and quinoa (as much as I love all of these btw), and less excited about the “superfoods” like berries, oats, silverbeet and milk?

So, here goes, I will give this a go on my own for a while before sharing with friends….just to see if blogging and I can be friends. Must admit though, I am a little bit looking forward to this little venture 🙂


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