An occasional recipe now and then….

I am going to throw a few recipes on to the blog every now and then, but only when I’m reallllllly stoked with what I’ve made and need somewhere to gloat about it 🙂

This one is a stellar salad, super easy to make and freakin’ delicious! For all of those people who “don’t eat white potatoes”, because they are like, evil or something…..get over it and dig in! Potatoes aren’t the devil, sure they aren’t the most nutrient dense food around but they do contain goodness. Potatoes are free of fat and cholesterol (unless you douse them in oil of course) and low in sodium. They contain approximately 3 g each of protein and fibre per 100g, as well as magnesium and potassium for muscles and phosphorus for bones. These little morsels can be enjoyed in guilt free moderation!

Salad of Goats Cheese, Roasted Potatoes and Honeyed Walnuts with Rocket.

4 red rascal potatoes, boiled and baked in chunks
150g goats cheese, crumbled
Half a red onion, sliced and roasted
200g Packet of rocket
150g Packet of spinach
Pumpkin seeds, small handful
Flaxseed oil, 2 tablespoons
Apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons
4 or 5 whole beetroots, sliced

Boil and bake the potatoes with the skins on until they are slightly golden on the outside. Chuck the onions in to roast along with them. Allow them to cool slightly. Dry roast the pumpkin seeds on the stove.

Mix all ingredients except the goats cheese together in a large salad bowl. Add half the goats cheese, drizzle over the flaxseed oil and apple cider vinegar, give a little stir and serve into individual serving bowls. Crumble the remainder of the goats cheese over the top. Mmmmmmm.

QQ x


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