Got a hankering?

ImageIt is pretty rare that a night goes by that I don’t get a hankering for something sweet after dinner. For this reason, I try to avoid having junky sweets in the house ie. store bought cookies, chocolates, cakes etc etc. Usually this equates to my post dinner snacky being some fruit or a few squares (…or alot of squares) of dark chocolate. But sometimes you need something a little more special!

Too late to bother hitting the shops or start ‘baking’ up a storm, I turn to whatever I’ve got! The recipe below is one that I have played with alot, and am generally pretty satisfied with the outcome. Thought I’d do a quick share 🙂

Basic premise is fruit + sweet + creamy. In this instance, its a sliced peach and 1/2 a banana with a mixture of creme fraiche and ricotta combined with cacao and some honey. I sprinkled Chia seeds on top for crunch and goodness.

Any fruit will do, the more exotic the better I find! Berries, plums, peaches, grapes, mango….and for a dairy free version, make sure to have some coconut yoghurt or soy cream cheese around for whipping with honey and cacao.

A good source of protein (ricotta) and fibre (fruit and chia), antioxidants, essential fatty acids (chia) and a bunch of vitamins and minerals – this is a great substitute for the usual sugar/sodium/preservative laden snacks that might usually find its way into your hand after dinner.

Simples! Enjoy.

QQ xxx


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