The “Switch Off”

DSC_2581When was the last time you had one of these? You know the ones…..those lunchtimes when you just sit and chill out? Free of any devices, papers, human company OR guilt that you should really be doing something productive with that hour of your day, like checking in with Facey, working, studying, catching up with a friend, exercising. It had been a while for me…..until today.

If you’re someone who meditates or practices yoga, or who takes these “Switch Off” moments often – this post ain’t for you. You probably know and are already reaping the benefits of a clear and calm mind, but for those of us who try to squeeze every last ounce of productivity out of every day, read on.

I read alot about this kind of stuff – taking life slowly and each day as it comes, thriving in the moment, “slowing down”, smelling the roses etc. I even have little motivational cards on my desk at work that change each day to remind me to do so! But life can sneak up on you and before you know it, every waking minute is spent doing something that is ‘productive’, or ticking off something on the to-do list.

This is all well and good, and it is good to be organised 🙂 But today I stopped. Not by choice I must admit, my phone AND iPad were out of reach and frankly with this growing belly (35 weeks up the duff), my motivation to get up and get them just didn’t exist. So I sat. And I ate my soup. And I chilled the f*** out. It’s amazing what creative ideas (usually food related) pop into your head when you just let everything go for a little while. And it is fascinating watching people, and life. So much in life goes by without us noticing, and without sounding all old-farty and hippy and stuff, life goes too damn fast! I for one am keen to try and soak up every minute I can….

Whilst having a “Switch Off Lunch” is probably a low priority if you are mega busy, I truly believe that investing this time will deliver rewards. Just allowing your mind to clear while you chomp on a sandwich can really help organise your thoughts and move forward with your life in a more efficient manner.

When I’m super busy and my mind is racing, I find it hard to stop to organise my thoughts (especially if I have wagged yoga a few times). There is a technique used in Yoga and in Meditative practice that is useful for teaching yourself to wind down your racing mind. I have no idea what this technique is called but I am sure one of my yogi friends will let me know 🙂 This practice is about recognising your thoughts and letting go of them. Not forgetting them, just giving yourself some space to BE without thinking too much, and essentially vacating your mind to find some calm.

Woah – got a bit alternative hippy chick there, sorry. But you get the drift here. Being able to clear your mind and pro-actively seeking time to just sit and ‘be’ will do absolute wonders for your mental health and happiness. I am going to strive for this every week, even if it is only once a week (….plus I’ll stop wagging yoga). You might just find yourself enjoying it so much that you are taking a “Switch Off” moment more often.

Ciao for now,

QQ xx



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