Rocking the “dirty thirties”

It’s been a while since I wrote a post…been taking care of a mini human ‘n’ stuff. Samuel is 6 weeks old now, and the journey has been a crazy one thus far! But I’ve also realised something along the way….how good are your thirties?

I may be in some amazing post-birth hormonal heaven still, or a bit delirious due to sleep deprivation,  but I reckon my thirties are shaping up to be the best years yet! I didn’t think much could top my twenties…which were basically defined by financial and physical freedom, travel and lots of change. Life is pretty good in your twenties, minimal responsibilities means lots of cocktails, girls lunches, overseas trips, meeting a shitload of people all over the place and generally happy fun times (most of which were followed by a mean hangover).

But what about this – now I get to witness my friends (and myself) find true happiness through love, marriage, babies, international travel, career and financial success. Serious stuff man. We’re all a bit more established, it’s a time where life steps up a gear, be it in the form of getting hitched, climbing the proverbial corporate ladder, buying property, having mini humans or just gaining that absolute confidence in who you are as a person. Just this last few weeks two of my besties have bought houses and gotten engaged, and it brings me so much joy to see them so happy! I feed off this positivity, and it’s a great reminder of how good energy ruminates among us.

So many of my friends were freaking out about turning thirty, but I think if they’d known what was ahead of them, they’d have been excited instead. Whilst I loved my twenties, I’m going to soak up all of this thirties goodness and love life every damn day.

I’ll be back on the blog bandwagon soon with a couple of new recipes. In the meantime, with love from this little guy!

Peace out.

QQ x



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