The mindfield that is the supermarket


Eating in a healthful and sustainable way can end up being very expensive if you’re not careful! Whilst there are some basic products that in my eyes, you don’t need to dish out big dimes for (such as sultanas, basic flour etc) there are certain products that I will absolutely not compromise on. Good thing is, often it is not about paying more but about knowing what to look for on the label.

For example, tinned tomatoes…..have you looked at how much sodium is in the tinned tomatoes that you buy? With just a mini investigation on your part and no extra dosh, you will find there are some brands in the shops that have a MUCH lower sodium content. This is one of my ‘things’ – I just can’t justify buying and consuming tinned tomatoes with lots of salt when there are perfectly good low sodium products sitting right next door on the shelf.

Here are a few more things worth looking out for in the supermercado:

* Almond milk – check the ingredients. Is it sweetened? Almonds should be higher on the ingredients list than any sugar or cane syrup, otherwise you are essentially drinking sweetened water with very little almond content.

* Yoghurt – man this one gets me. Again check the ingredients and check for cream, gelatine, sugar and all that other crap like emulsifiers, flavour enhancers, preservatives. Seriously, a good natural or greek yoghurt should not contain preservatives or any nasties, just skim milk/milk solids, bacteria such as S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus.

* Coconut Milk – get the ‘lite’ version man. Check the saturated fat content and buy the one with the lowest saturated fat content that you can. You will still get that coconut flavour in curries etc without the fats (the jury is still out as to just how good the saturated fat in coconut milk is for us).

* Bread – if you buy your bread at the bakery section of a supermarket, have a look at the ingredients and check for palm oil. The production of palm oil and associated products has caused significant environmental damage in regions such as Indonesia where large areas of forest that are the natural habitat of an endangered species of Orangatan have been cleared. Additionally, Palm Oil is comprised of palmitic acid, a saturated fatty acid that has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

I’d love to hear what you look out for, share your tips so we can all avoid those hidden traps in our shopping trolley.

Have a fab week everyone.

QQ x


3 thoughts on “The mindfield that is the supermarket

  1. Great post Quinoa Queenie. I took my colleagues on an excursion today to visit a “health” food store, where people tend to assume everything within its confines must be “healthy”. I check for added crap I don’t recognise, vegetable oils which might turn rancid, and for dried fruits I avoid added preservatives or sulphur. When buying snacks I also look for things with less than 5g of sugar per 100g.

  2. thanks for this awesome article Jaz. I always check whats in my almond milk etc but you have definitely reminded to look out for these hidden nasties. I boughy some botany fetta today only to discover it has palm oil in it! 😔😔. Very annoyed. X

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