My guilty pleasure….


Well I should say guilty pleasure-S…. plural. We all GOTS to have one or two, otherwise life becomes a bit bloody boring!

Me? I like red wine and I like dark chocolate. And I must admit I usually have some of both on most days. The key is obviously moderation, and sometimes half a glass and a few squares of Whittakers will suffice. Other times, well I might eat half a block of Whittakers (oops) and/or go for a second glass o’vino.

But the enjoyment I get from these indulgences is so worth it, and because I try to live a balanced life I can enjoy these guilt free.

There have been alot of articles on the internet of late about Orthorexia, the ‘unhealthy obsession’ with healthy eating. I reckon this is a condition we will see alot more of now and into the future. We are all becoming a little bit more health savvy, and I want nothing more than for all of us to individually take control of our health, in particular what we are putting into our bodies. But as with the emergence of any ‘movement’ there will be extremes, and one could so easily get caught up in the world of social media, where it is easy to obsess over “superfoods”, “sugar free”, “dairy free”, “paleo” among other things. Once you’re following a few little Insta accounts you are on the bandwagon my friend. It would be very easy to become kinda obsessed.


So here’s to not forgetting that life is to be lived, balance is king and with that good health will come.

Cheers (clicks imaginary red wine glass as it is wayyyy too early for a tipple!)

QQ x


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