Vitamin B12 – we need you!

I’m going to do a little mini series of posts featuring a different vitamin for a few weeks. We all know vitamins are essential for good health (and for life!) but do you really know what each one does for us, where to get it and how much you need? The B Vitamins are talked […]

Grilled Mushrooms with mint, chilli & fetta

Yee-freakin-ha is what I’d say to this recipe! Grilled or stuffed mushrooms are for vegos and meat eaters alike! They’re so damn good and I’m really happy with how these little fellas turned out. Did you know mushys are one of only a few food sources of Vitamin D?! Not only that…..they’re a good non-haem […]

Protein – are we eating too much of it?

These days it is ALLLLLLLLL about protein. Since the days of Dr Atkins and his infamous low-carb diet and the emergence of ‘middle class’ higher income families, it seems we have all been on the protein bandwagon. And I get it…..protein is important. Protein gives us more satiety than carbs or fats (keeps us fuller for […]