Protein – are we eating too much of it?

These days it is ALLLLLLLLL about protein. Since the days of Dr Atkins and his infamous low-carb diet and the emergence of ‘middle class’ higher income families, it seems we have all been on the protein bandwagon. And I get it…..protein is important. Protein gives us more satiety than carbs or fats (keeps us fuller for […]

Sunday Fish Delish! North African Salmon….

Sharing the recipe love on a Sunday night…..this bad boy is a super healthy fish dish that is rich in just about every-damn-thing that is good for you! If you haven’t used Chermoula before, do yourself a favour and get some, it is a flavour EXPLOSION and is the easiest way to turn a plain ol’ […]

Hemp Seeds – a nutritional powerhouse!

I have been helping the “Travelling Dietitian” on her blog recently, this is an excerpt from one of my recent posts…. There is a whole movement of people who consider hempseeds to be one of the most nutritionally sound food sources in the world. I have had hemp in both protein powder form and in seed […]